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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Vella Sevai Recipe | Jaggery Idiyappam | Sweet Idiyappam | Idiyappam with Jaggery & Coconut | Idiyappam Varieties

Good Bye 2017!! Thanks everyone for the support you have given me throughout the year. Though I am not posting regularly this year, I received enough encouragements from many readers on my Facebook and Instagram Pages. I will be sharing more interesting recipes in the coming year. To wind up 2017, today I am sharing a simple and easy idiyappam variety, the Vella Sevai. This can be served as an after-school snack for kids and they will enjoy it. Check out the already posted Puli Sevai and Paruppu Sevai. Let's move to the preparation steps:
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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Kaima Idly Recipe | Recipe with Left Over Idly | Vegetable Kaima Idly | Fried Idly with Masala | Breakfast Recipe

Hope my regular readers might be thinking where "Happyscook" had gone over the past few months. Few well-wishers and blogging friends personally emailed me asking about my disappearance from this lovely space. And, this is a well deserving break according to me, Yes!! we have moved to Sydney in February. To set everything in our new home and sending Happy to a new playschool took almost two months. Though I had taken 70+ recipes in my draft from India, I was very lazy to compose a post again. 

Finally, I am back with a new recipe. Let's go to today's recipe and it is a recipe for using leftover Idly. I had Kaima Idli 4 years back in Saravana Bhavan restaurant  which was inside my office campus. I liked it very much and I was having it frequently until I was bored. Three months back after a long break I tried chilli Idly in a local restaurant which was very similar to the Saravana Bhavan Kaima idly. Jany liked it and Happy too was interested, but it was very spicy for her to handle. Hence, the next week I tried this Kaima idli in the home for her sake with the spice level according to her preference. We all loved it and here I am with the recipe: 

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Masala Dosa Recipe | Masala Dosa with potato filling | Breakfast Recipes

Masala dosa is one of my childhood breakfast recipe whenever I visit restaurants. Though I am not crazy about masala dosa these days, I try it once in a while. In home whenever I have some left over Poori masala, I make use of it to prepare masala dosa the next day. The masala dosa gives rich flavour, when you drizzle some ghee on top of the dosa along with some ghee fried broken cashews in the potato masala. If you are strictly on diet and feel guilty about its richness, don't go for more than one. :P Here we go for the step-by-step pictures:
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Aappam Recipe | Appam Recipe | Appam without Yeast | Breakfast Recipes

Appam is a type of pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut. It is a common food in Kerala. Since I am from a place, which is very near Kerala, it is quite common in our home too. During Christmas and Easter, mom usually make appam with mutton or chicken curry for breakfast. 

The appam recipe which we follow is not the traditional Kerala appam. But it is similar to that and it tastes equally good. My mom in-law makes perfect spongy appam and this is her recipe. I have also mentioned few tips which I got it from her to make this appam. Every weekend I grind both Idli Dosa batter and Appam batter. I will preserve it for a week in fridge. Here, we go for the detailed recipe:
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Idiyappam Recipe | Nool Puttu | Sevai | String Hoppers | Breakfast Recipes

Idiyappam is one of our regular breakfast recipe. Jany likes Idiyappam, only if it is paired with vegetable coconut stew (Sodhi) or any non-veg gravy. He hates having it with sugar and coconut. So I mostly make it on weekends and sometimes I make it for dinner. This is one of the healthy traditional breakfast recipe prepared by steaming the rice flour. The dough which we make use for preparing this idiyappam is similar to our Kozhukattai dough which I have posted here.

After I start cooking, mom taught me the preparation of Idiyappam. I still remember the day when she gave a chance for me to try pressing the idiyappam. After marriage whenever we go to native,  mom makes this idiyappam along with mutton curry for the breakfast. Jany and I love to have her preparation, but Happy had not got a chance to relish in her dishes :(. Again, the plate I used for preparing this idiyappam was the one which mom owns. This idiyappam can be made in our normal idli mould. But she prefers making big sized idiyappam like in restaurants. Without much delay let us go to the preparation steps:
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Homemade Idli Dosa batter Recipe | Failproof Idli Dosa Batter| Idli Recipe | Plain Dosa Recipe | South Indian Soft Idlis | Breakfast Recipes

Idli/Dosa is a traditional breakfast in south India. It is one of the healthiest and popular breakfasts. In my school and college days, I love only dosa and don't prefer Idlis at all. However, I started missing my mum's softest Idli during my PG hostel days. She makes fabulously soft idli and serves it with runny coconut chutney tempered with small onions(shallots). She says the softness of the Idli mainly depends on the quality of the urad dal used. Also, she never soaks the urad dal for more than 30 minutes and she skips the fenugreek seeds to get pure white Idlis. I follow her measurements(4 cups idli rice: 1 cup urad dal) religiously when I was in Chennai and it gives amazing results. 
After we move to Sydney, the quality of the urad dal we get here is different and I didn't get soft idlis with this measurement. After so much trial and errors, finally, I have settled with (2 cups idli rice:1 cup urad dal) and a handful of Poha(Aval). This failproof Idli & Dosa batter is giving me the perfect sponge idlis. 
I will explain both the measurements in this post and you can choose anyone based on the type of urad dal. The good quality urad dal will give the fluffy batter.
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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Apple Honey Oatmeal Recipe | Oats flavoured with Apple & Honey | Simple Breakfast Recipes

On mornings when I wake up late, the first thing that comes to my mind is Apple honey Oatmeal for breakfast. Though we are not real lovers of oats porridge, we like to have oats this way. Jany and Happy have it without complaining and hence I make it once in a while. Oatmeal is full of fiber , combining fruit or nuts with oats while they are cooking adds more nutrients. When you're trying to lose weight, Oatmeal can be served as a healthy and filling breakfast.
Pictures updated on 6th June,2016
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe | Idli/Dosa Batter Kuzhi Paniyaram | Coconut Jaggery Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi Paniyaram is a popular south Indian snack item or a tiffin variety. It can be made with leftover idli batter. The presence of jaggery makes these sweet paniyarams have a porous and soft texture. In my home, we make both the Sweet and Savoury Kuzhi Paniyaram together either for breakfast or for dinner. Do check out my Kara Kuzhi paniyaram (savory version) which I have posted in this space.
Images Updated on 8-Apr-2016. Initially, I wrote this post when Happy was just 4 months old. And, now Happy is around 4 years old and this is one of her favorite tiffins:). I used to send this as her breakfast or lunch when she was going to Amelio child care.
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