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Suzhiyam Recipe | Pachaipayaru Suzhiyam | Mothagam with Green Gram Filling | Diwali Special Recipes

Suzhiyam is one of my childhood favorite snacks and I have posted a version of Suzhiyam with Channa dal filling earlier in the blog that was based on my mom's recipe. Recently, I was asked to create few recipes using green gram for an event and I had created 13 recipes for that. I will be posting all those recipes here one by one. One among them is Suzhiyam with green gram filling. Instead of the outer layer with maida, I tried the healthier version with Idly/Dosa batter. It turned out super awesome and we all loved it. Let us see the preparation steps. Also, please checkout my collection of Diwali recipes.
Idly/Dosa batter - 1 Cup 
Green Gram - 1 cup 
Crushed Jaggery - 1/2 cup (I used dark vareity)
Grated coconut - 1/2 cup 
Elachi/Cardamom - 5
Oil - as required to deep fry.
1. Wash and pressure cook the green gram with a little water for just 4 whistles. Don't overcook and make it mushy. If excess water is there, then drain it and transfer it to a mixer jar.(I used very little water and the green gram absorbed it completely)
2. Transfer the crushed jaggery along with the green gram. Pulse it once or twice until it is combined. Meanwhile, dry roast the grated coconut until it is golden brown.
3. Transfer everything to a mixing bowl and add the crushed cardamom pods. Mix it all together and form equal sized balls by applying little ghee/oil on your hands.
4. Get ready with the thick Idly batter(don't dilute it by adding water). Coat each ball with the idli/dosa batter.
5. Deep fry it in hot oil until the outer layer turns golden brown. Fry it in medium flame and then drain the excess oil in tissue paper.
Serve the yummy Suzhiyam when it is warm. You can very well serve this for your kids after school snack and they will enjoy it.
Points to remember:
  • It is preferred to use first day Idli/Dosa batter when it is not very sour. Also, the suzhiyam will drink more oil if the batter is runny. This suzhiyam is more crispy than the maida outer layer.(The maida layer will be rubbery after sometime)
  • If you prefer to remove the dirt from the jaggery, then dissolve it in little water and strain the impurities. Finally, boil the jaggery solution and mix all the other ingredients and cook until the dough is thickened. Allow it to cool and make balls.
  • You can make the balls and refrigerate it for a week. Whenever required, take the balls out and fry it by dipping in the batter.
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Happy's Cook - Divya

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