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Peanut Ghee Cookies Recipe | Peanut Cookies | Christmas Special Recipe

Merry Christmas !! May you and your loved ones be blessed with joy, love, peace and happiness. On this special occasion, I am here with my wonderful peanut cookie recipe. I am very much excited to share you this recipe, it is such a huge hit in my home and it is my maami's recipe. I have heard it from my cousins that she bake excellent cookies.
Recently, I started to explore her recipes and immediately the cookies strike my mind. I got the recipe from her and I tried this last week. It is a no-fail recipe with very minimal ingredients. Do give it a try and share me the feedback. If you don't have an oven then follow the recipe and bake in a pressure cooker. Follow the steps to bake in a pressure cooker in the post-Vanilla Sponge cake using a pressure cooker. Let's see the steps:
Note: Images of the final outcome is updated on 14/12/2018
Maida - 1/2 Cup 
Powdered Sugar - 1/2 Cup 
Ghee - 1/4 Cup + 1 tbsp
Peanuts - 1/4 Cup 
Baking Soda - 1/8 tsp 

1. Powder the sugar finely.  Roast the peanuts until it is crispy, remove the skin and powder it coarsely. If using roasted peanuts, directly powder it. 
2. In a mixing bowl, add the maida, powdered sugar, powdered peanuts and baking soda. Mix it gently until everything is combined. Heat the ghee in a pan, after it melts add it to the maida peanut mixture. Mix it until the ghee is incorporated well with the mixture. Shape it as per your preference. 
3. Try to hold a ball tightly. If it maintains the shape then it is the correct stage. If it is not firm and it tends to break, then heat a little more ghee and add it. I just made it like a vada and using round cookie cutter, shaped it to get perfect round cookies.
4. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and then arrange the shaped cookies on it leaving enough space. Preheat the oven @ 180 degrees and bake the cookies for 10 to 12 mins at the same temperature.
5. The below picture is just to show the making of star-shaped cookies with the same dough.
 Allow it to cool completely and store in an airtight container. 
Points to remember:
  • If you add more ghee than required, then it will not hold its shape while baking. Hence, add ghee little by little. The texture of the dough will be little crumbly but if you press tightly it will be firm and hold its shape. 
  • Peanuts need not be grounded finely, it can be powdered coarsely.
  • You can add vanilla essence or cardamom powder for flavour. I made it plain as explained by maami.
  • It is better to get roasted peanuts if you are not confident in roasting. Even if the peanut is burnt lightly while roasting, then it will be visible in the final outcome. 
  • The below picture was clicked during my initial days of blogging and I wanted to keep it for my memory.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya

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