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South Indian Fish Meals with Vegetables | Special Weekend Lunch Menu | Lunch Menu - 2 | Lunch Ideas

This year when I started my weekend lunch menu series, I was planning to share different menus every Friday. Because of my vacation, everything got delayed and today I thought of posting a menu that I clicked a few months back. I had prepared the entire dishes in the menu on the same day except for makkan peda.  I usually make one vegetable along with this fish meals. However, when I was planning for a post, I added the rasam and an additional vegetable into our normal menu along with fryums and dessert. I prepared it for our Saturday lunch and it was super delicious. Check out my already posted Lunch menu too. Let us move on to the preparations involved in the menu:
Items in the Menu:(Please click the links for recipes) 

Preparations to be done before Cooking:
As mentioned earlier, I have done the entire cooking on the same day except for the makkan peda(prepared it the day before). Before switching on the stove, I was ready with almost everything required for this menu. Let us see the pre-cooking steps: 
1. For the Fish Curry: Grind the coconut masala. soak the required tamarind in hot water and chop onion, tomato.
2. For the Fish Fry: Clean the fish and marinate it with the masala. 
3. For the Aviyal: Grind the coconut masala and chop the veggies. Brinjal and raw banana changes its color after chopping, so put it in water.
4. For the Cabbage Peas Poriyal: Chop the onion and cabbage. If using dried peas, soak it overnight and cook it. If using frozen peas or fresh peas you can use it directly.
5. For the Tomato Rasam: Soak the tamarind in hot water, chop the tomato and grind/crush garlic, pepper and Jeera.
On the day of cooking: 
1. I started with the preparation of fish curry and when everything is ready, I allowed it to cook in low flame for 15 mins. 
2. Then I started with the tempering of Aviyal and while it is cooking, I moved to the next dish.
3. Since I have 4 burners, I started with the cabbage poriyal in another burner.  I followed the same recipe as mentioned in the link. However, I skipped the turmeric powder and added the peas along with the cabbage.
4. When all the above three items are done, I started tempering the Rasam and fried the marinated fish.
5. Finally, cooked the rice and fried the fryums. I made the makkan peda the day before and refrigerated it.
Points to remember:
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