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Idiyappam is one of our regular breakfast recipe. Jany likes Idiyappam, only if it is paired with vegetable coconut stew (Sodhi) or any non-veg gravy. He hates having it with sugar and coconut. So I mostly make it on weekends and sometimes I make it for dinner. This is one of the healthy traditional breakfast recipe prepared by steaming the rice flour. The dough which we make use for preparing this idiyappam is similar to our Kozhukattai dough which I have posted here.

After I start cooking, mom taught me the preparation of Idiyappam. I still remember the day when she gave a chance for me to try pressing the idiyappam. After marriage whenever we go to native,  mom makes this idiyappam along with mutton curry for the breakfast. Jany and I love to have her preparation, but Happy had not got a chance to relish in her dishes :(. Again, the plate I used for preparing this idiyappam was the one which mom owns. This idiyappam can be made in our normal idli mould. But she prefers making big sized idiyappam like in restaurants. Without much delay let us go to the preparation steps:
Roasted Rice Flour/ Idiyappam Flour - 1 Cup 
Water - as required(approximately 1 cup)
Salt - as required
1. Mix the salt and roasted rice flour. Bring water to boil and add it gradually to the rice flour. Mix it with a wooden spatula.
2. Add water till the dough comes together completely. Finally, knead it with your hand until smooth and soft dough is formed(be careful the dough will be very hot). The dough should be moist and should not stick in your fingers. Cover the dough with a wet cloth. Take small portion of the dough and shape it in the form of log and place it in the idiyappam presser.
3. Grease the idiyappam plate/idli mould/banana leaf with little oil. Press the idiyappam onto the plate.
4. Then steam it for 7 to 9 minutes in idli cooker. Transfer the idiyappam to the serving plate carefully.
Serve it with any curry of your choice. You can serve it with sweetened coconut milk or with sugar and coconut.
Points to remember:
  • Make sure to get best quality roasted rice flour, which is the key for soft Idiyappam. 
  • Make sure to keep the dough covered always with wet cloth. If the dough becomes dry, it will be very difficult to press.
  • It is not required to have idiyappam plate for making this. You can use our normal idli mould.
  • You can use the omapodi press for making this idiyappam. Check the press used here.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. perfectly done .. These string hoppers are so versatile..

  2. super breakfast,healthy one!

  3. I prefer the instant ones but nothing beats a homemade string hopper yumm

  4. I can have it anytime not necessary breakfast...I just love it...u have made it so perfect


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