Thursday, December 29, 2016

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe | Milkshake Recipes | Strawberry Flavored Milk | Creamy Strawberry Milkshake

From my childhood, I love strawberries and its colour a lot.  I select strawberry in almost everything ranging from the icecream, drink, lip balm and perfume etc., 😅😍. I saw a lot of fresh strawberries in Sydney during spring and I started exploring many recipes using that. And, one among that is this easy to make milkshake and it is very filling.  Do check out my already posted homemade Strawberry Jam and Strawberry Yogurt. I have few more strawberry recipes on hand that I will be posting it soon. Let us see the steps:
Strawberries - 10 to 15 
Chilled Milk - 2 Cups 
Sugar - 2 tbsp(or as required) 
Vanilla or Strawberry Icecream - 1 scoop(Optional)
1. Wash and clean the strawberries. Remove the green leafy part and chop it into medium pieces. In a blender add the chopped strawberries and the icecream. 
2. Along with this add the chilled milk and the required sugar. Blend everything until it is smooth
Transfer it to the serving glass and serve it chilled. You can top it with a scoop of icecream for an extra creaminess.
Points to remember:
  • You can replace the sugar with honey for the healthy milkshake. Adjust the sugar or honey based on the sweetness of the strawberry.
  • I prefer to add icecream for creamy milkshake, you can skip it if not required.
  • You can add icecubes while blending for more chillness.
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Happy's Cook - Divya

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