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Palada Pradhaman Recipe | Palada Payasam | Kerala Palada Pradhaman | Onam Sadya Special

Happy Onam to all my friends and readers!! Hope you all liked my Onam Sadya recipes. I am a great fan of Ada Payasam's and I always wanted to make ada at home. At least, by next Onam, I should be ready with homemade ada. Last week when I visited nearby Indian shop, I saw a variety of ada and I immediately picked this to try the palada pradhaman.  It is a simple and easy to make pradhaman with just milk, ada and sugar as main ingredients.  I already have posted the Ada Pradhaman (jaggery based payasam), do check it out. Let us move on to the recipe:
Rice Ada -1/2 cup 
Milk -2 cups 
Water - 1 cup
Sugar -1/2 cup
Cardamom pods - 4 
To Garnish:(Optional)
Ghee - 1 tsp 
Cashew nuts - few
Raisins - few
1. Take the ada in a bowl and wash it well. Boil water and soak the ada in the boiled water for 30 minutes.(Keep the lid closed). Meanwhile, boil the water and milk together.
2. Drain the water from the ada and add it to the boiling milk. Reduce the flame to medium and allow the ada to cook for another 5 to 10 mins. Along with this add the crushed cardamom pods too. When the milk starts thickening and the ada is almost cooked, add the sugar.
 3. When the milk turns creamy and the sugar is dissolved completely, switch off the flame. Roast the cashews, raisins in ghee and add it to the pradhaman.
Serve the yummy pradhaman either hot or cold.

Points to remember:
  • There are two types of Ada, small and big variety. I used a readymade big variety for making this pradhaman.
  • Take care not to burn the milk and ensure to stir evenly. I found the pradhaman to be very sweet, if you prefer mild sweet pradhaman then you can reduce 2 tsp from the mentioned quantity.
  • Traditionally, they will not add roasted cashews and raisins. Hence, you can skip it and serve plain.
  • Don't add the sugar before the ada gets cooked. 
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. My father's favourite dish.. look a very yummy.

  2. yourpictures are always very cool n neat..i love them.. n this payasam looks very nice...yummy ..


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