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Sprouted Green Gram & Chicken Sandwich Recipe | Chicken & Sprouts Sandwich | Chicken Sandwich with Sprouted green Gram | Sandwich Recipes

When I was in Paris during our outings, I often relish on the cold chicken sandwich made with Baguette. It tastes so delicious with the creamy mayonnaise and the chilled chicken. At home, I always grill or toast the sandwich. When I was thinking of making a sandwich with sprouted green gram, I thought of making it as a cold sandwich. It came out really awesome and we all liked it. You can make it either cold or grill it and both tastes equally good. Check out my other sandwiches that I have posted earlier. Do check out my homemade green gram sprouts recipe too, Let us move on to the recipe:
White or Wholemeal Bread - 8 slices 
Boneless Chicken - 150 grams 
Hung Curd or Mayonnaise - 1/4 Cup 
Grated Paneer - 1/4 Cup(Optional) 
Lettuce leaves - as required 
Salt - as required 
Pepper - as required
1. Cook the chicken with salt and pepper until it is tender. Drain the water and shred the chicken. In a mixing bowl, add the shredded chicken and the grated paneer.  
2. Cook the sprouted green gram with a little water for one whistle and add it to the chicken and paneer. Finally, add the mayonnaise or hung curd along with the required salt and pepper.
3. Mix it all together and now the filling is ready. Trim the edges of the bread and place a lettuce leaf on one slice of bread. Spoon the filling above the lettuce leaf and cover it with another slice of bread.
4. Slice it into triangles and serve. If preferred, you can toast it or grill it with a dash of butter.
The yummy and healthy protein packed sandwich is ready.
Points to remember:
  • You can add the sprouted green gram without cooking it. However, I prefer to half cook it. I cooked it in open pot with very little water for 5 to 7 mins.
  • If you prefer the cold sandwich, then you can seal the sandwich in a Ziploc or plastic wrap and refrigerate it until you eat. Else, you can grill it or toast it by adding a little butter.
  • Paneer is purely optional and you can replace it with any cheese of your choice.
  • Vegetarians can skip the chicken and replace it with cooked and roughly mashed potato.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. Lovely Sandwich.. Love the fillings used!! adding Panner and skipping cheese is a nice idea!! I will try this out!!

  2. Such a protein rich sandwich... love it


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