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Coconut Burfi Recipe | Thengai Burfi | Diwali Special Sweet

Happy Diwali to all my readers, friends and their families. Hope everyone is enjoying the festival with a variety of sweets and snacks!! I am very happy about the outcome of all the Diwali recipes I tried this year. Everything turned out super awesome and I am almost tired now. I should take a break from this sweets and snacks until next occasion. To wind up this, I thought of posting an easy and yummy coconut burfi. When I was a kid, mom used to make this for me. She always makes it in pink color by adding a little beetroot juice. I still have mom's handwritten recipe of this, which she got it from a teacher who worked with her. To replicate her burfi, I tried this white and pink double layer burfi. Though Jany doesn't prefer most of the sweets, coconut burfi is one of his childhood favorites. Let us move on to the recipe:
Coconut - 1 Cup(grated) 
Sugar - 3/4 Cup 
Cashew nuts - few(broken) 
Ghee - 2 tsp 
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp 
Food color - a drop(Optional)
1. Grate the coconut and keep it ready. In a pan, add the ghee and fry the cashew nuts until golden brown. Remove and keep it aside. In the same pan, add the grated coconut and roast it for 3 to 4 mins in low flame.
2. Now, add the sugar and 1/4 cup water. Allow the sugar to dissolve completely, stir it constantly.
3. Continue heating and the sugar syrup will be bubbling at this stage. When the sugar syrup starts thickening, add the cardamom powder and the ghee. Mix it all together and keep stirring. When the coconut mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan easily, add the fried cashew nuts.
4. Mix the cashew nuts with the coconut mixture and after 3 to 4 mins, switch off the flame. Grease a plate or a tray with ghee. Spread 3/4th of the hot coconut mixture evenly in the plate as shown below.
5. In the remaining mixture, add a drop of food color and spread it on top of the already set white mixture. When it is still warm, slice it into squares and allow it to cool completely.
After cooling it completely, you can store it in an airtight containers.
Points to remember:
  • String consistency is not required for coconut burfi. Just allow th syrup to thicken and when it is formed as one whole mass without sticking, switch off the flame.
  • I preferred to make double layer burfi and hence I added pink color for 1/4 of the coconut mixture. If you don't prefer, you can set it completely without color to get white burfis.
  • Act quickly after switching off the flame, else the mixture will be hard.
  • If the mixture turns hard while you add color, heat it a little for the sugar to melt and spread it again.
  • Allow the burfi to cool for 5 to 10 minutes and mark the slices with a sharp knife. It will be very difficult to mark, if it turns hard. 
  • You can add few drops of beetroot puree or juice for natural pink color.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya

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