Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Semiya Kesari Recipe | Vermicelli Kesari | Kesari using Semiya(Vermicelli)

Happy is celebrating her 4th birthday in a week and I already started to design my menu for that day. After we moved to Sydney, I have not baked anything in my new kitchen even though two months have passed.  So, I will have a hectic and busy week to shop new bakeware and few more items to set my kitchen enter the baking mode. Apart from baking a cake, I am planning to prepare all her favorites on that day. Let us see how my planning gets executed.

Without much delay, we will move on to today's recipe. It is a simple and easy to make recipe which everyone can attempt for any special occasion. I have not tasted this semiya kesari before until I try it on my own. This blogging world has given an opportunity for me to learn this recipe. We can make this dish in a jiffy and when compared to other kesari's this requires very less quantity of ghee. I have already posted Semiya Payasam and Rava Kesari. Do check those recipes too.  
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Egg Fry Recipe | Boiled Egg Fry | Masala Boiled Egg

One day I was just browsing through my recipe index and I found it has very few recipes based out of Egg. Though I try different recipes with egg more often, I have not posted all that I have tried. So when I was in Chennai, I clicked few common egg dishes which I make in my home. This week I will try to post all the egg dishes I have captured one by one. I have already posted the following recipes:
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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Oven Toasted Cashew Nuts Recipe | Spicy Roasted Cashew Nuts

Hope everyone is having a good and relaxing weekend. We had a great time today. My daughter, Happy was very busy throughout the day taking care of her new baby doll. She bathed the doll, changed a new dress and took it to the church. Also, on our way back home she made the doll play slide and swing along with her. It was fun seeing her imitating Jany and me when she talks to the doll. As I type this post, she is making her baby doll sleep by singing rhymes :) 
Let's move on to today's post about the crunchy toasted cashews. (Don't worry about the fat, it is healthy to have few cashews a day). Before starting to Sydney, I was clearing all the leftover items from by fridge. I had some leftover cashew nuts which dad has brought to Chennai two months back. So thought of using it in a recipe. Finally, I tried this guilt free toasted cashews and cashew nut pakoda, which I will be posting it soon.

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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Kaima Idly Recipe | Recipe with Left Over Idly | Vegetable Kaima Idly | Fried Idly with Masala | Breakfast Recipe

Hope my regular readers might be thinking where "Happyscook" had gone over the past few months. Few well-wishers and blogging friends personally emailed me asking about my disappearance from this lovely space. And, this is a well deserving break according to me, Yes!! we have moved to Sydney in February. To set everything in our new home and sending Happy to a new playschool took almost two months. Though I had taken 70+ recipes in my draft from India, I was very lazy to compose a post again. 

Finally, I am back with a new recipe. Let's go to today's recipe and it is a recipe for using leftover Idly. I had Kaima Idli 4 years back in Saravana Bhavan restaurant  which was inside my office campus. I liked it very much and I was having it frequently until I was bored. Three months back after a long break I tried chilli Idly in a local restaurant which was very similar to the Saravana Bhavan Kaima idly. Jany liked it and Happy too was interested, but it was very spicy for her to handle. Hence, the next week I tried this Kaima idli in the home for her sake with the spice level according to her preference. We all loved it and here I am with the recipe: 

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