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Payaru Kanji Recipe | Green Gram Rice Porridge | Cheru Payar Kanji | Pachai Payaru Kanji | Payaru Kanji with Thengai Chammanthi | Good Friday Special

Payar Kanji is a comforting and traditional food for many Keralites and for people from Kanyakumari District. It is very nutritious, filling and easily digestible.  My mum and grandma make this payar kanji at least once in a week and it is very close to my heart. Still, I follow the tradition and make it once in a week for dinner. It is very easy to make and it goes very well with coconut chammanthi or pickle. Whenever I feel bored to cook or I am sick, we end up making this since it is nutritious than buying from hotels. Since Good Friday is nearing, I thought of sharing this recipe on the blog. We make Payaru Kanji for lunch on Good Friday and even in Churches, it is served. Check out my Cheru payar Thoran which goes well with Plain rice Kanji. Traditionally, they make it in a big pot. However, you can make it in a pressure cooker too. (check notes)Let us move on to the preparation of kanji:  
Boiled Rice - 1/2 Cup 
Green Gram(Pachai Payaru) - 1/4 Cup 
Garlic - 5 cloves 
Fenugreek Seeds - 1/2 tsp 
Grated Coconut - 1/4 Cup 
Salt - as required 
Water - as required
1. Wash the rice and green gram twice or thrice. Then along with this add the fenugreek seeds and peeled garlic. 
2. Add enough water(approximately 3 cups) and bring everything to rolling boil. Allow the rice and green gram to cook completely. It takes a minimum of 15 minutes. You can cook it in an open pot or cover it with a lid.  If covering with a lid, take care when it spills out. When it is cooked completely add the required salt. 
3. If required add more boiling water to the kanji and I prefer watery kanji. Based on your preferred consistency add required water. Finally, sprinkle the grated coconut and mix it all together.
Serve the kanji when it is warm with coconut chammanthi.
Points to remember:
  • If you prefer more green gram in the kanji, then you can add 1/2 cup rice and 1/2 cup green gram.
  • To make it more healthy, you can add a cup of drumstick leaves.
  • You can add 2 or 3 shallots(small onion) as well.
  • You can also pressure cook it with 3 cups of water for 4 whistles. After the pressure releases, you can add boiling water and allow the kanji to boil once.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. According to me it is the most comforting and hearty meal....

  2. Priya @asmallbite
    Looks so colourful and very nutritious...


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