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Strawberry Yogurt Recipe | Sweet and Creamy Strawberry Flavored Yogurt | Flavored Yogurt

Yet another interesting and easy recipe to enjoy the strawberry season. Everyone at home really loves flavored yogurt and I always stock some flavored yogurt in the fridge to relish after lunch. Though I try all the available flavors and brands, Yoplait Strawberry is my favorite. Hence, I thought of replicating it at home and the recipe justifies it. To make this best-flavored yogurt, just beat the mixture of freshly pureed strawberry and sugar (can use condensed milk instead) or homemade strawberry jam with plain yogurt. I have used the homemade strawberry jam that I have posted earlier for this recipe. However, I have given another recipe without using the jam too.  I adapted this recipe from here, let us move on to the recipe:
Option : 1
Plain Greek Yogurt or Hung curd - 1 Cup 
Homemade Strawberry Jam or Readymade Jam - 3 tbsp Strawberries - 4 (to mix at the end) 
Option : 2  
Plain Greek Yogurt or Hung curd - 1 Cup 
Fresh ripe strawberries - 1/2 Cup(chopped) 
Sugar - 2 tbsp or Condensed milk - 2 tbsp  
Strawberries - 4 (to mix at the end) 
1. In a bowl, pour the greek yogurt or hung curd(check notes). Then whisk the strawberry jam with the yogurt until everything is blended well. If following Option: 2, then puree the strawberries along with sugar or condensed milk and then whisk it with the greek yogurt or hung curd.
2. Finally, chop the strawberries finely and mix it with the flavored yogurt.
Serve it after chilling for few minutes or you can freeze it if you prefer Frozen Strawberry Yogurt.
Points to remember:
  • To prepare hung curd, place the normal plain curd in a strainer or a double layered cheesecloth over a large bowl. Allow it to rest for 2 to 3 hours to drain the excess liquid from the curd. Drain the excess liquid and discard it. Now the hung curd is ready.
  • Make sure the yogurt is not very sour for making this flavored yogurt.
  • Adjust the jam or sugar or condensed milk as per your preferred sweetness.
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