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Homemade Idli Dosa batter Recipe| Idli Recipe | Plain Dosa Recipe | South Indian Soft Idlis | Breakfast Recipes

Idli Dosa is a traditional breakfast in south India. Each family have there own measurements of ingredients. I am following my mom's recipe. She makes very soft idli. Though I don't achieve her quality in idli, mine is good too. This post might be very silly for experts out there. But it will be helpful for beginners. I have explained it to my level best. Please reach out to me for any queries. Let's go to the preparation steps:
Idli Rice - 4 Cups(Parboiled idli rice)
Whole Urad Dal(without skin) - 1 Cup 
Fenugreek Seeds - 1/2 tsp(Optional)
Salt - as required 
Water - as required
1. Measure the ingredients exactly as given above. Soak idli rice, fenugreek seeds seperately for 2 to 2.5 hours. Soak Urad dhal for 30 minutes. Drain water from urad dhal and fenugreek after it is soaked. Clean the grinder once, firstly add the`urad dhal and fenugreek. Stand near the grinder for the initial 5 mins, make sure the urad dhal doesn't stuck in the grinder. Just use the plastic spatula to move the urad dal if it is about to stuck. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of water.
2.Just sprinkle water now and then while grinding. Also, make sure the urad dhal doesn't stuck in the sides of the grinder walls. The urad dal needs grinding for about 45 to 50 mins. The ground urad dal should be light and fluffy. It should not be watery. Check the fluffiness in the below pic. Collect it in a container which can hold the fermented batter next day.
3. Now drain water from the rice and add it to the grinder. Initially add 1/2 cup of water and make sure it doesn't gets stuck.  Allow it to grind for 30 minutes. Sprinkle water now and then to get a smooth batter. The rice batter should be ground smoothly with slight coarse texture as below. It should not be ground very smoothly like the urad dhal batter.
4. Now collect the rice batter in the same urad dal container. Add required salt and mix it together. Just make sure the urad dal and rice batter blends well. Place it in a warm place. Allow it to ferment for 10 to 12 hours. Make sure the container used for fermenting has enough space for the batter to rise the next day. The fermented batter will have porous look. Now the idli batter is ready.
5. To Make Idli: After fermenting, if the batter is very thick the idli will be very hard. So just sprinkle little water and mix it once. If you add water more at this stage you will not get fluffy idli, instead the idli will be flat. So make sure to add little water. Take a laddle full of batter and add it in the idli pan and steam it for 10 to 12 mins in high flame. Slide a spoon around the edges and take the idli. 
The soft idlis are ready to be served. Serve it hot with Sambhar and chutney.
6. To Make Dosa: Take the required quantity of batter in a bowl and add little more water. The batter should be in pouring consistency. Take a laddle full of batter and pour it in hot dosa tawa. Spread it outwards in circular motion. Sprinkle little oil, cover it with a lid and cook until it is slightly browned. You can also flip to cook the other side. 

Serve the crispy dosa with chutney or sambar.
Points to remember:
  • Prepare Idli, when the batter is fresh. After 2 or 3 days make dosa or kuzhipaniyaram.
  • I grind only once in a week. So I split the batter into two equal halves and store it in the fridge. Handle properly so that the batter will not be sour soon.
  • Whenever you make dosa, take the required batter in a seperate bowl and prepare. This is to preserve the batter in the fridge for longer days.
  • The idli is mainly based on the quality of urad dal used. Use good quality urad dal for the idli.
  • According to mom, urad dal should not be soaked for a longer time. The fluffiness of the batter will not be as expected when it is soaked for longer time.
  • The idli batter shoud be thick and fluffy. The dosa batter should be in pouring consistency. The water quantity i have mentioned is approximate. So adjust accordingly.   
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya

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