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Eggless Wheat Flour Banana Muffin Recipe | Wheat Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin | Banana Muffin | Eggless Wheat Banana Muffin

I don't prefer cakes with so much of icing and I like mildly sweet plain cakes. Also, I  love banana flavoured bread, cake and muffin. For one of the Christmas during my college days, Paneer Anna brought a banana cake from a far away bakery. That is the first time, I tasted a banana cake and it tastes so delicious. Paneer Anna drives our car in native and he is a very close family friend. Hence, whenever I visit native, he will try to bring me that cake. After I started baking, I had tried Eggless Banana Walnut Muffin and Banana Bread. I was thinking about trying some whole wheat cake recipes when my sister in- law started asking about it. To my rescue Hari Chandana posted this recipe on her Instagram and I bookmarked the recipe.
In Happy's school, teachers involve kids in some kinds of cooking or baking once in a week. She loves that very much and after seeing that interest, I involve her whenever I make play dough. Recently, she was asking me to make a cake along with her. Since I was very busy arranging the new house, I couldn't bake any. Finally, two days back I tried this recipe along with Happy and it came out very well. She was very excited about the outcome and she wanted to eat one soon after it is out of the oven. She told it is very tasty and here I am with the recipe:

Whole Wheat Flour - 3/4 Cup
Mashed Banana - 3/4 Cup (from 2 to 3 ripe bananas)
Sugar - 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp
Chocolate chips - 1/4 Cup
Oil - 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp(I used Vegetable Oil)
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 tsp 
Baking Powder - 1/2 tsp 
Baking Soda - 1/2 tsp 
Salt - a pinch
1. Sift the wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt twice. Add the chocolate chips and mix it. (Reserve few chocolate chips to decorate the top.
2. Meanwhile, mash the ripe banana with a fork until it is smooth.
3. Add the required sugar, vanilla essence and oil. Mix it all together until the sugar dissolves completely.
4. Mix the banana mixture with the flour in batches. Using a spatula, mix it all together until no traces of flour is found. Don't over mix the batter.
5. Place the cupcake liners on the baking pan and fill 3/4th of the liners with batter.
6. Decorate the top with few chocolate chips. Preheat the oven @ 180 degree Celsius and bake it for 17 to 20 mins or until the toothpick inserted comes out clean. Allow it to cool completely and serve.
This muffin can be served for breakfast along with a cup of milk and kids will enjoy it to the core.
Points to remember:
  • The very ripe banana gives best results and I used 3 bananas to get my 3/4 cup of mashed banana though the picture shows two banana.
  • Adding chocolate chips is purely optional and kids will like it if added.
  • Adjust the temperature and timing based on your oven.
  • White sugar can be replaced with brown sugar.
  • Use any flavourless oil and I prefer vegetable oil for cakes. Olive oil makes the cake denser and it is better to avoid it.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. yummmm, cant believe theres no eggs in this looks quite light and delicious

  2. Looks great Divya. Hope Kevin would like it. Shall try and let you know. Thanks for sharing ☺


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