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Kerala Banana Chips/ Nendran Chips/ Ethakka Upperi | Onam Sadya Recipes

Banana Chips are popular in Kerala. Since my native is near the Kerala border, our place is also very much popular for ethamppazham and ethakka chips. I grow up munching these chips and it's my all time favorite. Whenever I come back from my native, I bring loads of these chips. It's very much famous in my college, office and hostel. My friends ask me to get these chips often :). I never expected that I will make these on my own and finally it happened. It is also a part of Onam Sadya. Unripe plantain and coconut oil is used to prepare this yummy and crunchy chips. It is very simple to make. Here, we go for the recipe. 

Unripe plantain (ethakka/nendran) - 3 
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp 
Salt Water - 1 tsp salt in half cup water 
Coconut Oil - to deep fry
1. Slit the banana skin and peel them off. Then mix the turmeric powder in water. Immerse the peeled plantain in the turmeric water. Leave it undisturbed for 30 mins. Then Slice the banana into very thin round disc. I used a knife, but you can also use a slicer.
2. Dry the pieces in a plate lined with tissue paper. Prepare the salt water and keep it aside. Meanwhile heat the oil to fry.  Heat it in medium flame. It should not be smoky or dull. Once it is hot enough, slide the slices into the oil in batches. Occasionally give a stir to avoid the chips sticking to each other. Once it is half cooked, reduce the flame to low and sprinkle the salt water on the chips. It splutters a lot, since we are sprinkling it in hot oil. Be careful while doing this. Then continue frying in medium flame.
3. Once the sizzling sound is almost reduced, it is the time to take the chips out of the oil. Drain it in kitchen tissue.
4. Fry all the pieces in batches and drain in tissue paper.

Once the excess oil is drained, store it in air tight containers. The crispy, tasty chips are ready for munching:)
Points to remember:
  • Care should be taken while sprinkling salt water in hot oil. Don't pour it, just sprinkle.
  • If you are comfortable, you can directly slice it directly to the hot oil. But it needs practice. 
  • You can use the vegetable oil as well for frying. But coconut oil gives the authentic taste.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. divya it looks similar to the one we get at nagercoil,we are great fan of it.In chennai we don't get that type.ur look similar to it will try

  2. my favorite too....:)
    nvr expected that it can b made at home...that too so crispy..

  3. wow my fav kerala chips looks so delicious and perfectly made :) tempts me dear !!

  4. wow its my fav, its been long time i tasted this chips, u did well dear...

  5. My favorite....First time here n following you,would be happy if will get same attention.

  6. Looks so crispy, you have a nice blog. You can visit my blog too when you find time :)

  7. Wow. Crispy banana chips .. is there any1 who doesnt like it ?? thx for sharing it dear :)

  8. yum. love banana chips anytime.

  9. Wow I really dono that we can make banana chips at home ... Super .. Love it ...

  10. Preethi sridhar6:53 pm, June 09, 2016

    Hi Divya. This s looking yummy. Cn we do it with ripe banana? I remember that my neighbors from kerala brought that once

    1. Preethi, this chips is usually made with unripe nendran banana.... With ripe nendran banana, we make pazham pori which you can check in this link


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