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Quail Fry Recipe | Kaadai Fry | Kaadai Varuval | Deep Fried Kaadai Fry

When we were in Chennai, my dad prefers to buy Quail instead of Chicken considering its health benefits. Quail is little skinny when compared to the chicken and it has less flesh. Though I make Kadai gravy at times, this fry recipe is our favourite. If we marinate it the day before and refrigerate it overnight, then in no time we can fry it the next day. It cooks very fast and we can relish this yummy kaadai fry as a starter. Let us move on to the recipe:

Kaadai(Quail) -  4 (Cut into medium sized pieces) 
Oil - to deep fry
To Marinate: 
Chilli Powder - 1.5 tsp 
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp 
Pepper Powder - 1 tsp 
Garam Masala - 1.5 tsp 
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp 
Rice Flour - 1 tblsp 
Salt - as required 
Curd - 1/4 cup 
1. Clean and wash the kaadai/Quail, keep it ready. Make a smooth paste with the items under 'To Marinate'. If required add a little water while making the paste. Marinate the cleaned quail in the masala and keep it refrigerated overnight or for 2 to 3 hours.
2. Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the marinated quail for 4 to 6 minutes in medium flame. Remove the fried pieces from the oil and drain it in tissue paper to remove excess oil.
Relish on the yummy and crispy Kaadai fry by squeezing a lemon on top.
Points to remember:
  • You can replace the curd with a lemon while making the masala. 
  • To get the bright red colour, replace the regular chilli powder with Kashmiri chilli powder.
  • While serving, garnish it with fried curry leaves.
  • To marinate well, the masala coated quail should be placed in the refrigerator and not in the freezer.
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Happy's Cook - Divya

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  1. some moru curry and rice to go with it and I would be a happy looks yumm dear


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