Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Corn Flour Halwa Recipe| Karachi Halwa | Bombay Karachi Halwa | Diwali Special Recipes

I was searching for a very simple and easy to make Halwa as one of the diwali special recipes. When I saw this in most of the blogs, I wanted to give a try. Last weekend I tried this and it came out well. You won't believe me, but it took exactly 10 mins for me to finish preparing this halwa. So whenever you have any surprise guests in your home, you can try to win their hearts with this yummy Halwa. Check my points to remember section for the microwave version of this halwa.

Corn flour - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 2 1/2 cups
Ghee - 2 tbsp 
Cashews - 1/4 cup (Broken into pieces)
Cardamom powder - 1/8 tsp
Orange Food color- a pinch
1. In a bowl mix the cornflour and food color with 1.5 cups of water. In a pan add a tbsp of ghee , fry the cashews until golden brown and keep it aside. In the same pan, add the sugar and remaining 1 cup of water. Stir it until the sugar gets dissolved, after that stop stirring and allow it to boil.
2. Once it boils, add the cornflour mixture and stir well continuously on medium flame. After a few mins, a jelly-like texture is formed in between. (Shown in the 2nd picture below). This shows that the halwa is going to thicken soon.
3. After few mins the Halwa starts to thicken, it looks glassy and transparent. Add a tbsp of ghee and the fried broken cashews. Mix it all together to combine. Grease a plate with ghee and keep it ready.
4. After the halwa starts leaving the sides of the pan add the cardamom powder and switch off the flame. Transfer it to the already greased plate. Allow it to cool completely for at least 2 hours and cut into slices of your desired shape.
5. The yummy and melt in the mouth halwa is ready to be served. Store it in the fridge for longer shelf life.
Points to remember:
  • I tried with 1.5 cups of sugar. For our taste buds it was very sweet. So I asked my friend to try with 1 cup and it came out really well. Planning to use only 1 cup when I make next time. I have given the measurements accordingly.
  • Don't reduce the amount to less than 1 cup, it will affect the texture of the Halwa. If you want to be too sweet, use 1.5 cups itself.
  • Microwave version: Mix flour, sugar, water, food color and cardamom powder in a wide microwavable bowl. Microwave on high for 4 minutes. Then stir well, add the ghee and cardamom powder and microwave for another 8 minutes stirring in between after every 2 minutes of interval. Timing may vary as per your oven, so kindly check after every two mins at the last stage.
  • You can add raisins and any nuts of your choice.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. I never liked this halwa as kid just because of its texture, now I have to try it, do visit me too.

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