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Tuticorin Macaroon | Thoothukudi Macaroon | Christmas Special Recipes | My 150th Post

You are reading my 150th post!! It's been a wonderful ride and this blog gives me so much energy in my day-to-day activities. When I started this blog, I often wonder if my interest in the blog would wane after the initial enthusiasm. Here, I am with 100+ posts in this lovely space of mine. I'm still not posting as often I would like, but it's definitely better. I take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family who encourages me with their support. 

Today's post is about my childhood favourite Tuticorin Macaroon. This special type of macaroon is available in Tuticorin, a place in southern Tamil Nadu. Macaroons in general are made from ground almonds.  Tuticorin macaroons are different since they have cashew nuts as their major ingredient. One kg of Tuticorin Macaroon costs around Rs 600. My chithi is from tuticorin and whenever she visits us, she brings macaroon. The last time she even couriered us this to chennai on request of my mom for Happy. I tried this for Christmas and it came out really well. I packed few for my team mates and I got good feedback from them. With the measurement given below, I got 250 grams of Macaroon. 

Happy and Jany enjoys it to the core. When I was editing the pictures, Happy was asking "Maco venum"(Need Macroon) :) So Planning for a next batch in the coming weekend for her. 
Egg whites - from 2 eggs
Cashew nuts - 100 grams 
Sugar - 120 grams 
1. Bring all the ingredients to room temperature before you start the preparation. Powder the sugar and keep it aside. Similarly powder the cashew nuts coarsely. Separate the egg yolks from white carefully. This is the main step in this macaroon making. 
 2. Using electric beater, beat the white of egg until it turns frothy and creams well. Now add the powdered sugar little by little. Don't stop beaing while adding sugar.

3. Beat it for 10 to 15 mins until stiff peaks are formed and it should not drop. Now gently fold the cashew powder at this stage using a spatula. Don't overmix.
4. Use a round nozzle for piping the macroon. Fill the piping bag with the mixture and pipe it as shown below in a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
4. Preheat the oven @150 degree Celsius for 10 mins and bake the macaroons @ 100 degree Celsius for 1 hour(60 mins). If the size of the macaroon is small, bake it for 40 mins. Once done, leave the oven door open and remove it after 15 to 20 mins.
The crispy macaroons stays good if stored in air tight container. If exposed to air, it looses its crunchiness.
Points to remember:
  • The egg whites will not whip properly, if there is any traces of yellow. So carefully separate the yolk from white. 
  • Don't beat after adding the cashew powder, just fold it.
  • Bake the macroon at low temperature for long duration to get crispy macaroons.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. Cօռɢʀatʊʟatɨօռs. Oռ ʊʀ..150tɦ..քօst..aռɖ ʍaċaʀօօռ.. Lօօҡs,sօ քʀօʄɛssɨօռaʟ

  2. I love tutikudi macroons very much..These look perfect ..Congrats on ur 150 dear.

  3. Hey congrats on your 150th post!!This is the exact way we make it too....and I love macroons!!! They are awesome and tempting!!! Thats a well explained post!

  4. This is my most favourite one,you made so close to original macaroons..well done,divya

  5. congrats and a nice way to celebrate it

  6. congrats on 150th post, yummy Macaroons

  7. Delicious Macaroons..I love it..Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe


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