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Monday, September 30, 2013

Falooda Recipe/ Icecream Falooda | South Vs North Challenge(SNC-12)

This is my first post for South Vs North Challenge (SNC) started by Divya Pramil.  I belong to the South team and I am presenting this Falooda for the challenge given by Minnie of North team. I am really happy being the part of this wonderful Challenge. And, coming to today's post, I am excited to try my all time favorite falooda. It took some time for me to hunt for the ingredients, apart from that it is quite simple to prepare this yummy and finger-licking falooda.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Mutton Liver Pepper Fry Recipe | Eeral Milagu Varuval | Mutton Recipes

Even though I love anything that is non-veg, I don't show any interest towards Liver and I almost hate it. Since mutton Liver is rich in iron, during my pregnancy Jany forced me to taste some mutton liver soup. I still remember the days, when he wakes up early to get Mutton Liver in the nearby shop. It was a surprise to everyone in the home since he hardly wakes up early :) Two weeks back I tried this liver pepper fry, it tastes awesome with freshly ground pepper. Here, we go for the recipe:
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adai Dosai Recipe | How to make Adai | Protein Dosai | Lentil Crepes

My aachi makes excellent adai and I love to eat it even on a daily basis. The adai is highly rich in protein since we are adding a mix of dals into it. We usually have it with coconut chutney or sugar. Once I tried adai aviyal in Sangeetha hotel along with my colleagues and it was so delicious. From that day, I started having this combo at home whenever I make aviyal. Even Jany and Happy started to like this heavenly protein-rich dosa.
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tender Coconut Pudding Recipe/ Elaneer(karukku) Pudding

Hope everyone had a very good weekend!! And, today's post is about Tender Coconut Pudding. This was the first pudding recipe, I tried in my home and it was excellent. From my childhood, I am fond of Jelly and Pudding. So whenever I see something of this kind I really wanted to taste. I usually watch Kitchen Superstars in Vijay Tv. And, in that show I heard about this tender coconut pudding for the first time. Since then, I wanted to try this. This is a very simple and mess free recipe which everyone can give a try. 
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Friday, September 20, 2013

White Sandwich Bread Recipe | Basic White Bread | Homemade simple white bread from scratch

Ever since I started to bake, I wanted to bake a simple sandwich loaf at home. However, I thought baking bread is time-consuming and didn't explore much. When Jany started asking me to try garlic bread, I finally pushed myself to bake a plain white bread. I followed a recipe from the bread baking book which a friend gifted me recently. I reduced the recipe by half and tried making a small loaf. To my surprise, the first attempt came out quite well and in our excitement, we finished most of the slices in one go 😆. This motivated me to try more and I made a loaf for my mum when she came to Chennai. She liked it very much and was carrying another loaf with her when she returns to Nagercoil. I am yet to try the garlic bread. Let us move to the recipe:
Pictures updated on 19/1/2021
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spicy Mutton Masala Recipe(With Coconut milk) | Coconut Milk Mutton Masala

After a long gap, yet again with a non-vegetarian recipe. Though this recipe was clicked two or three weeks back, I couldn't post this since I was busy posting festival recipes. Finally, the day has come for this spicy mutton masala. This is one of my mom's amazing recipes. My mom usually doesn't add too much tomato in her cooking and this is one among them where she skips tomato and squeezes a lemon at the end. This was super spicy with whole peppercorns and red chilli powder. The freshly roasted and ground masala enhances the flavour of the mutton. Do give it a try :)  
Final pictures updated on 2nd Nov 2016
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Onam Sadya Recipes

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Unniyappam Recipe | Neyyappam | Nei Appam | Onam Sadya Recipe

Happy Onam to all my readers and friends!! Unniyappam is a popular snack in Kerala and is usually made using rice flour, jaggery and banana. In my native, almost all the small tea shops sell Unniyappam for the evening tea time. My grandfather, buy us Unniyappam when we were kids and I am crazy about this snack. Off to the recipe:
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kerala Banana Chips/ Nendran Chips/ Ethakka Upperi | Onam Sadya Recipes

Banana Chips are popular in Kerala. Since my native is near the Kerala border, our place is also very much popular for ethamppazham and ethakka chips. I grow up munching these chips and it's my all time favorite. Whenever I come back from my native, I bring loads of these chips. It's very much famous in my college, office and hostel. My friends ask me to get these chips often :). I never expected that I will make these on my own and finally it happened. It is also a part of Onam Sadya. Unripe plantain and coconut oil is used to prepare this yummy and crunchy chips. It is very simple to make. Here, we go for the recipe. 

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Mathanga Erissery Recipe | Yellow Pumpkin Erissery | Onam Sadya Recipes

I am not a lover of ash gourd and pumpkin, so mostly I avoid it from my cooking. Because of Onam, I am exploring all these veggies. Today's post is about the delicious yellow pumpkin erissery. The main ingredient of this recipe is pumpkin, coconut and red cowpeas. Out of the recipes I tried with pumpkin, this erissery tops the list. It is also an essential item in Onam Sadya Recipes.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Moru Curry Recipe | Mor Kuzhambu | Kumbalanga Pulissery | Onam Sadya Recipe

Yet another interesting Onam Sadya Recipe - Kumbalanga (Ash gourd) Pulissery!! Pulissery is a traditional Kerala buttermilk curry with the coconut base and it is made using various fruits and vegetables like mango, pineapple, and pumpkin. This is the recipe from my mom. I tend to make this often in my home since Jany likes it.  Here, in Tamilnadu, we call it as mor kuzhambu that is mainly done with ash gourd, vendakai(lady's finger), cucumber etc. Let us see how to prepare this tangy Ash gourd pulissery.
Pictures Updated on 29th June 2016

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Olan Recipe | Kerala Olan | Onam Sadya Recipe

This week my mission is to try some Onam Sadya recipes. And, this post is an authentic Kerala Olan recipe which I tried two days back. Olan is a dish that is part of Kerala cuisine and any Onam Sadya is incomplete without this curry. It is prepared using ash gourd, cowpeas and coconut milk as the main ingredient. There are many variations of this curry which use yellow pumpkin alone or the combination of ash gourd and pumpkin. It is a very mild curry which goes well with any spicy side dish.
Final Pictures Updated on 5th August 2016

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Cabbage thoran/ Cabbage stir fry | Onam Sadya Recipe

In Kerala, any vegetable made using coconut, shallots, cumin and green chilli is called as thoran. Cabbage thoran is one of the dishes on Onam Sadya lists and it goes well with Parippu curry and sambar. The method of preparation for this thoran is little different from my usual cabbage stir fry and it's very easy to make. Here, we go for the detailed cabbage thoran steps.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aviyal Recipe | Onam Sadya Recipe

Today's post for Onam Sadya Recipe is Aviyal. From my childhood days, this is one of the side dishes which I often ask my mom to prepare. Mixed vegetables along with coconut mixture tastes heaven. In my hometown, whenever we visit Udipi International, the first thing I order is Adai Aviyal. It's a yum combo and aviyal is also a must for Onam Sadya. One of my friends, Saranya was asking about this recipe and this is especially for her.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kerala Parippu Curry Recipe | Kerala Moong Dal curry | Onam Sadya Recipe

Parippu curry is an essential part of Onam Sadya. This is the first thing that is mixed with rice and ghee in Onam Sadya. Kerala style parippu curry is prepared using Moong dal and spiced coconut mixture.  I am a big fan of this Parippu Curry. I love to have this parippu curry with hot steamed rice and pappadam/appalam. Though Jany doesn't show much interest in parippu curry, I make it quite often for my sake :) In TamilNadu, we call it as Paruppu curry, which is mostly prepared using toor dal.
Final Pictures Updated on July 11th 2016

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beetroot Pachadi Recipe - Kerala Style / Beetroot Curd Raita | Onam Sadya Recipe

This week I am planning to post some of the Onam Sadya recipes. Pachadi is a part of Onam Sadya. It is similar to North Indian Raita made of fresh vegetables and yogurt. There are different varieties of Pachadi's that could be part of the grand feast (Sadya). Already I have posted a Pachadi recipe, with Cucumber (Cucumber Pachadi). Today I am sharing you this simple and tasty Beetroot Pachadi. 
Final Pictures Updated on 5th July 2016

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Monday, September 09, 2013

Channa Sundal Recipe | Kondakadalai Sundal Recipe | Chickpea Sundal | Vinayagar Chaturthi Recipes

Happy Vinayagar Chathurthi dear readers!! Whenever I make Channa masala or kondakadalai curry, I reserve some cooked Channa for preparing this sundal to accompany evening coffee. We can prepare it in a jiffy, if we have cooked channa in hand. I prefer it when tempered with dry red chilli and more coconut. Chickpeas are a good source of protein and rich in iron content. I often try to include it in Happy's diet. And, onto the simple and interesting recipe.
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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Vinayagar Chathurthi Special Recipes | Ganesh Chathurthi Special Recipes

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Pasi Paruppu Payasam Recipe | Moong Dal Payasam (Kheer) - with Coconut milk & Javvarisi | My 50th Post

Yippee!! It's my 50th Post. I never realized till yesterday that this was going to be my 50th Post of the blog. It's been quite an awesome blogging journey, with new blogging friends and new recipes to learn and try each day. It gives me a great feeling, when people try my recipes and give me feedback. Coming to today's post, it coincidentally happened to be a Payasam recipe for celebrating my 50th post. Actually I have prepared this for Ganesh chathurthi special recipes. I tried my level best to give justice for my mom's recipe and I love to have it with banana. Here, we go for the detailed steps.
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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Ulundu Vadai Recipe/ Medhu vadai

Ulundu vadai is one of the common snack item, we often make in our home. For any festivals or occasions, we prefer idly or pongal as breakfast with chutney, sambhar and vadai. And, whenever I go to restaurants for breakfast, I never miss ordering the ulundu vada.  My mom makes crispy, soft vadai and when I was in school, vadai with sambhar makes my breakfast. Initially, I was struggling to shape the vadai. But now I am managing to do it if the consistency of the batter is perfect. Only practice gives better results for shaping the vadai.
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Friday, September 06, 2013

Pidi Kozhukattai Recipe| Upma Kozhukattai | Ganesh Chathurthi Recipes| Kozhukattai using boiled rice and moong dal

This is my final kozhukattai post for this Vinayagar chathurthi special recipes. I never expected, I will try these many kozhukattai's in my lifetime. The blogging world has completely changed me, I am happy that I learned so many recipes which are completely new to me. Now I am confident that I can feed my daughter and husband with a variety of food. This is the recipe from my mom, she makes it often as evening snack. She prefers doing it with boiled rice than raw rice. So, I have followed her instructions for this preparation and it turned out very well.  Check out my other Ganesh Chaturthi recipes here: 
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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Vella Kozhukattai / Modhagam Recipe-Modak | Vinayagar Chathurthi Recipes

This is my first post for Vegan Thursday, an event where vegan recipes are shared every first and fourth thursday of every month. Today's post is about Vella Kozhukattai. This is one of the Kozhukattai I love the most. I like anything that is made with Jagerry. Jagerry with Coconut and Channa dal is a yum combo. With this filling and maida, mom used to make Susiyam (Suzhiyam) which is my favorite. This is the first time I am using channa dal filling for kozhukattai. While making the filling, Happy was sitting near me and watching. I gave her some filling while making it, she really loved it. We really loved the kozhukattai and here is the recipe.
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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mani Kozhukattai recipe| Ammini Kozhukattai | Vinayagar Chathurthi Recipes

When I saw this cute Kozhukattai in some of the blogs, I really wanted to give a try. The name of the kozhukattai sounds interesting and it can be made quickly as an evening snack. The left over dough after making Modak or Idiyappam can be used to make these cute tiny balls. Even though Jany doesn't like any of the Kozhukattai, I pester him to try it. Thank God for giving such a loving person to support whatever I do, with his charming smile. Here we go for the recipe. 
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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Ellu Mittai Recipe | Sesame Seed balls / Til Laddo / Ellu Urundai

When I was searching for Vinayagar Chathurthi Special recipes, apart from Kozhukattai and Sundal I found this Ellu Urudai as one of the special recipes made for that day. Ellu Urundai is one of the addictive sweet, which is made with just two main ingredients Ellu and Jaggery. Both these ingredients have high health benefits. The tiny, nutty sesame seeds are loaded with many essential minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus etc., While the Jaggery is the richest source of iron as well. This recipe is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the health benefits of these ingredients. Here we go for the step by step preparation of this nutty Ellu Urundai.
Pictures updated on 13th October 2016

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Monday, September 02, 2013

Paal Kozhukattai Recipe | Paal Kozukattai with Sugar & Coconut Milk | Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes

During my school days, my mum used to make Paal Kozhukattai as breakfast, less frequent since my dad doesn't like kozhukattai. Now after marriage, I make this kozhukattai once in a while when I crave for this. When I made it last weekend, I thought of sharing it here and managed to click it during my busy morning hours. Usually, I make it with puttu flour, this time I tried it with Idiyappam flour and it came out excellent. And, here we go for the recipe.
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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Chicken Fry Recipe | Fried Chicken Drumsticks | Spicy Drumstick Chicken Fry | Chicken Recipes

This is one of the simple and easy non-veg recipes we can prepare and serve as a starter. If marinated well for at least an hour with the required masala, then this chicken fry will be a sure hit. I always marinate it the day before and leave it overnight in the fridge. We usually start munching it as soon as fried, never allowed it to come to the Dining table :)  Do check out my Dry Chicken masala , Chicken Chippies and Restaurant Style boneless chicken 65 too. Here, we go for the recipe.
Final Pictures Updated on 6th Nov 2016
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