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Neer Dosa Recipe | Chef Venkatesh Bhat Recipes - Recipe #3

I usually grind idli dosa batter only on weekends. So when we reach Friday, I will be short of Idli dosa batter. I usually try Saturday morning breakfast something new every week. When I saw this recipe in samayal samayl, I was really attracted and tried it the next week. I didn't expect much about this recipe since I guessed the taste might be similar to aapam. But when Jany had it, he was super excited and requested this dosa once in a while. It is very simple and easy to make. Here we go for the recipe:
Raw Rice - 1 Cup 
Coconut(Grated) - 1/2 Cup 
Salt - as required 
Sugar - 1/2 tsp 
Water - as required 
Oil - to drizzle
1. Wash and soak the raw rice in water for 2 hours. Then drain the rice and add it to the mixer jar along with the grated coconut. Grind it to a fine smooth paste by adding enough water. Transfer it to the mixing bowl and add required salt, 1/2 tsp sugar.
 2. The batter should be in running consistency(Shown in the below pic), so adjust water accordingly. Heat a non stick dosa pan and drizzle some oil. when it is really hot, pour the watery batter to form a outer circle. Then fill in the centre. Do not overlay(dont pour over and over in the same layer). Drizzle some oil again and cover cook the dosa for a minute in medium flame.

3. Do not flip, just fold into quarter as shown below and serve.
I served it with Spicy Egg thokku for our saturday morning breakfast. I have posted the egg thokku here.
Points to remember:
  • We should not spread this dosa, like we do for our normal plain dosa. It should be poured like rava dosa or wheat dosa.
  • Adding sugar gives the browing effect in the dosa.
  • To get the thin lace like dosa, we have to prepare the batter really watery(runny).
  • Since I have used only 1 Cup rice, I grinded it in Mixie. You can grind it in grinder to get smooth paint like batter.
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  1. yummy
    Please link this recipe to my event

  2. very interesting recipe, I used to think dosa batter was very difficult to make.


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