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Kadachakka Chips Recipe | Breadfruit Chips | Cheema Chakka Chips

I was talking about the Chips when I posted the Kadachakka Bajji and I am here with the recipe today. I have heard it from my cousins that my aunt makes Kadachakka chips and I have not tasted it until I try. On the day when I made these chips, both Jany and Happy were not at home. While making, I tried few chips, it was super tasty and I couldn't control me from eating it 😝. I almost finished the first batch and reserved the rest for them. They both really loved it and I am planning to make a big batch during the next vacation to my hometown. Check out my Kadachakka Thoran, Dried Tapioca Chips and Kerala Banana Chips. Let us move on to the recipe: 
Kadachakka/Breadfruit - 1 
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp 
Salt Water - 1 tsp salt in half cup water 
Coconut Oil - to deep fry
1. Cut the breadfruit into two halves. Then cut each half into 4 equal pieces. Peel the skin of the breadfruit and remove the center hard portion.
2. Then thinly slice the breadfruit into pieces as required for the chips. I used my vegetable slicer to slice it into thin pieces.
3. Prepare the salt water and mix the turmeric powder in it. Keep the turmeric salt solution ready and heat the oil to deep fry. Once it is hot, slide the pieces in batches. Don't overcrowd it. Fry the pieces in medium high heat. Occasionally give a stir to avoid the chips sticking to each other. 
4. Once it is half cooked, reduce the flame to low and sprinkle the salt water on the chips. It splutters a lot, since we are sprinkling it in hot oil. Be careful while doing this. Then continue frying in medium flame. Once the sizzling sound is almost reduced, it is the time to take the chips out of the oil. Drain it in kitchen tissue.
Store it in an air tight container. Serve it for evening coffee/tea.
Points to remember:
  • While heating the oil, make sure it is not smoking hot. It should have correct temperature.
  • Care should be taken while sprinkling salt water in hot oil. Don't pour it, just sprinkle.
  • If you feel sprinkling water in hot oil is tough, then just toss it with a little salt in a wide bowl soon after it is out of the oil.
  • You can deep fry in any oil. But I prefer coconut oil.
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Happy's Cook - Divya

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