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Masala Dosa Recipe | Masala Dosa with potato filling | Breakfast Recipes

Masala dosa is one of my childhood breakfast recipe whenever I visit restaurants. Though I am not crazy about masala dosa these days, I try it once in a while. In home whenever I have some left over Poori masala, I make use of it to prepare masala dosa the next day. The masala dosa gives rich flavour, when you drizzle some ghee on top of the dosa along with some ghee fried broken cashews in the potato masala. If you are strictly on diet and feel guilty about its richness, don't go for more than one. :P Here we go for the step-by-step pictures:
For the Potato Masala Filling: 
Tomato - 1 large or 2 Small
Coriander Powder - 1/2 tsp 
Chilli Powder - 1 tsp 
Ginger garlic paste - 1/2 tsp 
For the dosa: 
Dosa Batter - as required
Ghee/Oil - as required

1. Slice the onion, chop the tomato, green chili and ginger into small pieces. Pressure cook the potato for 3 whistles. Peel the skin and mash it well and keep aside.
2. In a pan add a tablespoon of oil, splutter the mustard seeds, add the urad dhal, curry leaves and allow it to crackle. Now add the onion, a little salt and saute till the onion turns light brown.
 3. Add the tomato and saute till it is cooked. Then add the green chilli, ginger, turmeric powder and saute well. Also add a pinch of Asafoetida at this stage. Once everything is cooked, add the mashed potato and half cup water. Bring it to a semi gravy consistency and sprinkle coriander leaves and switch off. Now the potato filling is ready.
4. Spread the dosa. Check this page for the idli dosa batter and the tips to make dosa. Drizzle some oil or ghee. Cover it with a lid and cook for few mins.

2. Once it starts browning, place a laddle full of prepared masala filling in the middle. Fold it into half and serve. You can fold it as a triangle too.
The yummy masala dosa goes well with Coconut Chutney and Sambar.
Points to remember:
  • Don't forget the ginger, Asafoetida which gives nice aroma to the masala and this also helps in digestion.
  • Tomatoes in the masala can be skipped. Cooked peas can also be added to the masala.
  • To make it rich, you can addle ghee fried broken cashews to the masala.
  • While making dosa you can drizzle either oil or ghee.

Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya

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