Friday, October 10, 2014

Rasgulla Recipe/ Bengali Rasgulla | Diwali Special Recipes

I am back to the blog with diwali special recipes. Today I am presenting the yummy Rasgulla. My first two attempts in making rasagulla was a disaster. It was very hard and flat. So last year I skipped posting this. This is the first diwali recipe I clicked this year after learning some tricks and it came out very well. It was spongy and juicy. I am satisfied with the texture and shape as well. 
Milk - 1 litre
Lemon Juice - 3 tsp 
Water - 3 Cups 
Sugar 1.5 Cups
Cardamom pods - 2 or 3 
Ice Cubes - 6
1. Heat the milk. When it starts boiling, simmer the flame and add lemon juice. It starts to curdle. Stir continuously, till the whey water clears and the milk curdle completely. Switch off the flame and add the ice cubes. Allow the ice cubes to melt completely,
2. In a strainer, place the cotton cloth and pour the curdled milk. After filtering the whey water completely, wash it in running water to remove the lemon smell. Squeeze the excess water and hang it aside for 30 mins. Now the chenna is ready for making Rasgullas.
3. Knead the chenna for 10 mins until it is soft and smooth. Then make it into medium sized balls. Keep in mind the ball doubles in size while cooking in sugar syrup. So shape it accordingly. Make the balls very smoothly without cracks.
4. In a wide bottomed vessel, add the water and sugar. Crush the cardamom pods and add it to the boiling syrup. 
5. When the sugar syrup starts rolling boil, add the balls gently without breaking. Cover it with a lid and allow it to cook for 15 mins.(If required open and stir in between). Now the balls get doubled in size. Switch off the flame.
When it comes to room temperature, chill it for an hour and serve. You can top it with chopped nuts before serving.
Points to remember:
  • The first tip to get spongy rasgulla is to knead the chenna smoothly, use your full strength while kneading. 
  • Also don't squeeze the water completely from the chenna and make it dry. It should have some moisture content.
  • The balls should be rolled smoothly and if any cracks is there, then the rasgulla tends to break.
Warm Regards,
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