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Adhirasam Recipe | Diwali Special Recipes

My maternal grandmother stock loads of Adhirasam and murukku whenever we (grandchildren) visit her for the vacation. We love the adhirasam very much and my cousin brother, pronounces it as "Address" when he was young. When I think about this traditional snack of our hometown,  so many incidents and lovely memories comes to my mind. Coming back to today's post, I got this recipe from my mom and mom in law. To my surprise, it turned out really well.
Raw rice - 1 Cup 
Jaggery - 3/4 Cup
Cardamom(Powdered Coarsely) - 1 tsp 
Ghee - 2 tblsp 
Oil - to deep fry
1. Wash and soak the raw rice in enough water for 2 hours. Drain the water and spread it on a clean white cotton cloth. Allow it to dry for 30 mins. Transfer it to a mixer.
 2. Grind it into a fine powder and transfer the flour into a wide bowl. Add a tblsp of ghee and cardamom powder to the flour. Meanwhile heat the powdered jaggery with immersing level water 
3. Once the jaggery gets dissolved, filter it to remove impurities. Again transfer it to a pan and bring it to boil. Boil in medium flame and stir occasionally. Check the sugar syrup consistency by pouring a drop into a small bowl of water. Initially, the syrup dissolves as you pour in water. After sometime the syrup gets thicker and now when you pour in water, it won't get dissolved and you will be able to see a loose ball. This is called soft ball consistency. It is the correct stage to put off the flame.
4. Immediately pour it to the flour, little by little and form a smooth dough. Initially, it will be gooey and sticky, as time goes it becomes stiff. Keep it overnight at room temperature in an airtight container. At the time of making, grease your hands with ghee and divide it into equal sized balls.
5. In a zip lock pouch or plastic sheet, apply some ghee and flatten the dough. Make a hole in the center if you prefer. Heat oil in a kadai and when it is hot, reduce the flame to low and start frying. Flip the other end as well to cook. It browns faster so cooking in low flame is mandatory for the inside to cook well.
The fried adhirasams have a long shelf life and you can refrigerate the dough for months as well. Fry it whenever needed.
Points to remember:
  • If you have powdered the flour finely, then it is not required to sieve the flour. 
  • The dough should not be very stiff, it should be a little loose to get soft adhirasam. If it is stiff, adhirasam will become crisp. Don't flatten it very thin. Let it be thick to get soft adhirasam.
  • If the dough becomes very stiff add a tbsp of milk and knead it before frying.
  • The dough will be sticky, so use ghee while shaping.
  • I have kept it outside for 2 days before frying. It stays good for minimum 3 days without refrigeration. After that, refrigerate the dough and use for months.
  • We usually make it with a hole in the center. You can do it just by flattening.
  • Fry the adhrisams one by one for best results.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


  1. I use to love to eat this in my childhood days.. now i never get to see also.. will try this..

  2. Oh such a traditional one its....

  3. same as store brought one,well made dear

  4. Wow! Yummy looking adhirasam's Divya.. You got them done to prefection :-)

  5. Very nicely and perfectly made adhirasam dear, awesome...

  6. Prefect looking adhirasam as like my grandma makes..Want some to enjoy now.


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