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Homemade Butter Recipe - How to make butter at home | Homemade butter from Milk Malai(Paal Aadai)

As I have mentioned in my Homemade Ghee post, my mom collected and brought me the entire malai used for the preparation of this homemade butter. I have not captured the step-by-step pics properly, still I am sharing it as my mom's remembrance. The malai she brought was very thick since the milk used for collecting malai was not store bought. It was from our neighbor who is giving us milk from her own cow on a daily basis in my native. However, the store bought packet milk can also be used for making malai, but boil the milk for few more minutes by simmering to get thick malai. 

Milk Cream or Milk Malai(Paal Aadai) - 5 Cups
Water - 2.5 Cups 
Note: You can even make butter with 1 Cup malai and half cup water. I used the above quantity since mom has collected 5 cups of cream. 
1. Boil milk and leave it aside for a while. When it cools down, take the thick layer of malai that forms on top of the boiled milk. Collect them and store it a container. Collect it daily for about 3 weeks or until your required quantity is reached. Keep refrigerated until we make the butter. (Kindly see the notes section below). While making the butter, transfer the malai to a wide bottomed pan and add the water. Then start beating it well with a mathu in a circular motion until it is frothy. I used my hand mixer to whip it since I don't own a mathu. You can use your mixie too. 
2. Beat continuously for 12 to 15 mins, now you can see a collective butter on top leaving the watery buttermilk on the bottom. Stop beating at this point. Collect the butter in a container and refrigerate for future use. (You can wash the collected butter in water if you prefer it) 

You can use the butter for your toasts and to prepare any curry(Gravy) or snacks as per your need. Since I had a bulk amount of butter, I reserved few for making Homemade Ghee
Points to remember:
  • Keep the collected malai container outside of the fridge overnight, if you are planning to make the butter next day.
  • The buttermilk reserved at the bottom after collecting the butter can be served to drink by adding a little salt.
  • The collected malai can be used for any gravy which calls for light cream. But you can use it only for savoury recipes since it is sour.
  • To get more malai from the boiled milk, you can keep the milk refrigerated for about 10 mins. 
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya

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