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Mutta Surukka Recipe | Churukka | Nagercoil Special Mutta Surka | Savoury Muttai Paniyaram (Egg Paniyaram)

This is the first recipe in my blog which was not prepared by me, Yes!! it was prepared by my mom-in-law during her last visit to Chennai. Kudos to her, for the delicious recipe and the patience which allowed me to click in between. The common name for this recipe is Churukka/Mutta Surukka.This can be made in a jiffy since the main ingredient for this recipe is Raw rice flour and Egg, which we always have in our pantry. Adding eggs make this churukka super soft. Over to the recipe:
Final Pictures updated on 28/09/2017(I prepared it and clicked it)
Roasted Raw Rice Flour - 1 cup(I used Puttu Flour) 
Eggs - 2 
Small Onion - 15(chopped finely) 
Green Chilli - 4 (chopped finely) 
Coconut grated - 1/2 cup 
Curry leaves - 3 to 4 strings(chopped finely)
Cumin seeds(Jeera) - 1 tsp 
Salt - as required
1. In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs until fluffy. Add the rice flour along with this and mix well.
2. Then add the cumin seeds, required salt to the mixture. Add water little by little to form a thick batter. Now add the grated coconut, chopped onions, green chilli and curry leaves.
3. Mix until everything is well combined. The batter should not be too runny, it should be between the idli and dosa batter consistency. Check for salt and add if required.
4. Heat oil in a kadai. Once it is hot enough, pour a ladle full of batter into the oil as shown in the image above. Cook in medium flame and when the edges turn golden brown, flip to cook the other side as well.
The Soft spongy egg paniyaram is ready to be served for an evening cup of tea. It can also be accompanied with any chutney of your choice. But we prefer having it without any side dish. 

Points to remember:
  • Even though I have used puttu flour for making this churukka, you can also use the Idiyappam flour or homemade rice flour too. If using homemade rice flour, then dry roast it until nice aroma comes.
  • You will not find much of egg flavour or smell in the churukka. Adding eggs make the paniyaram soft. So don't skip it.
  • Adding more onion and curry leaves gives a nice flavour to the churukka. Adjust the number of green chillies as per your taste.
  • You can also prepare this in Kuzhi paniyaram pan if you want to cut down oil. But we prefer it deep frying.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya


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