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Hello All,

am Divya Jany, a Software Engineer by Profession and I live in Chennai with my husband Jany and one year old daughter Happy Divany. I took a year break from the job to take care of my baby. I started my cooking journey during this time. Initially I tried simple and basic recipes asking my mom, mom-in-law & friends. I think I would have inherited my cooking skills from my mom and in no time, I became a decent cook who can manage to feed the loved ones. Then I started looking out for healthy and different variety of foods in cookery books, shows, blogs.

I am married to a wonderful person and I love being in the kitchen trying tasty and healthy foods for him. I love to see him enjoy what I cook, he is the best critic. After seeing my interest in cooking and baking, he decided that I need an outlet for my interest and so this website beganAnd also for the future reference of my daughter and me, I started to blog the recipes :)

Now, my daughter who has slowly started to eat is enjoying the dishes I serve her and she asks 'Aah aah' if something is really good. My dad and mom were surprised to see me cook and they love it.

"Happy's Cook" is a blog, where I publish my favorite and best recipes with pictures and descriptions. All the recipes on the site were learned, cooked and photographed by myself in my kitchen and then written by me. 

I use a Nikon D3100 DSLR for all my food pictures. Being an amateur photographer, I would like to learn and improve my shots in the future, until then bear with my photographs.

Hope you all get to spend a great time in my space and enjoy the recipe collection. You can contact me for any queries and suggestions at cook4happy@gmail.com  You can also find me on Facebook and Google plus.

Happy Reading!!


  1. Thanks Harish... Do follow my recipes and give ur comments...

  2. so good to know about you sister.am little bit younger than you.glad to hear that you are from chennai.for any help lemonandonion@gmail.com

  3. Nice to know you.Welcome to blogging world!!!!!



  4. Thank you for stopping by Dishing Divya.....so happy to know you...looks like we are similar from name to the way we started our blog...glad to follow you,,,

  5. Hi Divya,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following me. I loved to read about you. I can understand how thrilled you must be when your daughter "approves" what you cook for her. Infact kids and husbands are the motivating factors for trying out different recipes. I loved your daughter's name Happy Divany. Perhaps second name comes from Divya and Jany :)
    And your blog name is also "Happy's cook". Your daughter will love this when she grows up....
    love and good wishes,

    1. Thanks Namitha... Nice observation regarding my daughter's name...

  6. Hi Divya,
    Nice to read about you and your family, keep going...

  7. Hi Divya,

    Its lovely to know more about you, and you have a very pretty smile :) so now I get the name of your blog Happy's cook ;-) so cute :) so nice to step into your space and welcome to the blog world


  8. Nice to know about u divya,cute smile

  9. Divya...neengalaa ipdi!!! nampa mudiyavillai...Kalakkunka...

  10. Lovely intro!!! I now wonder how all IT-experts have lovely culinary skills :) I too fall in the same category... Happy to connect via GFC :)

    Visit me @ www.cookingwithsj.com

  11. hi divya happy to follow you... cheers we are belong to same region....:)

  12. Nice intro. Though I have been reading your space regularly, this is the first time I am reading your profile. Keep rocking..

  13. nice intro divya. i also interest in starting cooking blog. please guide me to start cooking blog. how can i start blog?

  14. Hi Divya Happy to follow you !! Keep up the good work :)



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