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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Corn Cheese Sandwich Recipe | Corn Cheese Mayonise Sandwich | Grilled Corn Cheese Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe

After coming to Sydney, our weekday's busy breakfast revolves around sandwiches. These days Jany is having his breakfast on the way to his office and he prefers sandwich when compared to south Indian tiffin since it is easy for him to carry. So, I am exploring different sandwiches with vegetables and eggs stuffing. Hopefully, I will be posting much more soon. This corn cheese sandwich is similar to the Chilli Cheese sandwich which I have already posted. Check out my Chicken Sandwich and Egg in a Toast too.
Final pictures with white bread is updated on 3 October 2021
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crab Meat Podimas Recipe | Crab Meat Burji | Nandu Podimas | Njandu Podimas

As mentioned in the Crab Masala post, cooking and eating crab is very new to me since mom doesn't cook crab.   I am very afraid to handle crabs and prawns while cooking. When we were in Chennai, our weekend shopping usually ends up with a lunch in Anjappar:) And during each visit, I order something new just to explore the dishes I am not familiar with. Once I ordered this crab meat podimas and it tasted too good. I was asking about this recipe to a person who was working there, he gave me some tips for the preparation and ingredients involved. The next weekend, I ordered crab meat in Supreme Seafood since I am not good at cleaning. They delivered me the fresh crab meat and I prepared this on the same day. It came out very well and here is the recipe for you:
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mushroom Roast Recipe | Kalan/Koon Roast | Mushroom Ularthiyathu | Spicy Sauteed Mushrooms

Recently after coming to Sydney, I am exploring a lot of mushroom recipes. After tasting the Mushroom Biryani couple of times, we are attracted towards the mushrooms. I have few more recipes on hand which I will be trying it this week. I made this mushroom roast for lunch to pair up with steamed rice and rasam. However soon after I made it, we used it as a stuffing on wholemeal bread along with grated cheese for our morning breakfast. It tastes too good and I am happy about my new healthy sandwich recipe which I can prepare for busy weekdays :) This is a simple and easy to make recipe which goes well with Rice, Chapathi and Bread. Let us move on to the recipe: 
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Coriander Chutney Recipe | Coriander Flavored Coconut Chutney | Hotel Style Coriander Chutney | Chutney Recipes for Idli Dosa

Saravana Bhavan is one of my favourite restaurants in Chennai to explore south Indian tiffin varieties. When I was staying in the hostel, I skip hostel lunch just to relish the Saravana Bhavan delicacies in the office cafeteria. Mostly I order some variety of dosa, especially to taste the spread of chutneys served. Though I like all the chutneys served, green chutney tops the list and I usually go for extra serving :) Jany also loves that green chutney and hence thought of trying it at home. After so much googling, I finally came up with this recipe using the inputs from many other blogs. It might not be the exact recipe of Saravana Bhavan chutney, but it tastes equally good. Check out my Coriander-Mint Chutney too. Off to the recipe:
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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Oats Idli Recipe | Instant Oats Idli | Oats Rava Idli | Easy Breakfast Recipes | Indian Oats Recipes

Yet another Oats recipe and this was lying in my drafts for such a long time. Finally, it is making its way here and this is a south Indian style oats recipe :). I have already posted Apple Honey Oatmeal and Oats Raisins Walnut Cookies. This is one of my signature dishes which my mom and mom in law like the most. I was making this more often when I started cooking since everybody appreciated. This is one such recipe which I learned because of blogging since it was posted by many of the bloggers. Let us move on to the recipe:
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Friday, June 17, 2016

Varutharacha mutton curry Recipe | Mutton curry with dry roasted coconut masala | Goat meat curry with roasted coconut | Mutton in roasted coconut Gravy

I love varutharacha mutton or chicken curry than the normal curry because of the nice aroma that comes from the dry roasted coconut masala. I have already posted mom's varutharacha chicken curry, and I wanted to post this mutton curry too. This recipe has been tweaked a little from the original mom's recipe and it also came out well. The preparation process might be lengthy, but it is worth giving a try. Nothing is coming to my mind at the moment since I am rushing to finish this post before I pick Happy from playschool. So, without much delay let us move on to the recipe:
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mushroom Biryani Recipe | Easy Pressure Cooker Mushroom Biryani | Kaalan Biryani | Lunch Box Ideas / Quick lunch Ideas

Many of my readers and friends were asking about Mushroom recipes for such a long time now and finally I am posting this recipe. This is the first ever mushroom recipe in this space and hopefully, I will be posting much more soon. Yesterday, Jany had the potluck in his office and he wanted to take both veg and non-veg dishes since many of his colleagues prefer vegetarian dishes. We kept the menu to be simple and I made this mushroom biryani, Chicken Cutlet, and Wheat Flour Unniyappam. I will post the wheat flour Unniyappam next week, you can check out my rice flour version of unniyappam until then. 
Winter has already started in Sydney and I am not able to click any dish that I prepare in the early morning since I am not receiving enough natural light. I am not satisfied with these pictures too, I will update this when I take good Photographs.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe | Plantain Flower Dal Fritters | Banana Flower Fritters

Vazhaipoo(Plantain Flower) and Vazhaithandu(Plantain Stem) are very healthy and it has many medicinal values. Recently I am very much interested in trying some recipes with this healthy veggies. I usually make a kootu with plantain stem which I will be posting it soon. With Vazhaippo, I have tried this vadai and yet to try poriyal. I have tasted this vadai only after coming to my mom in law's house. When we were residing in Saidapet, the cook who comes over there at that time makes this yummy fritters. I got the recipe from her and saved it in my handwritten notebook. A few months back when I was in Chennai, I tried this and it came out very well. Let us learn how to make this yummy vadai which is similar to the Masala Vadai/Paruppu Vadai.
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ellu Chutney Recipe | Sesame Seeds Chutney | Ellu Thuvaiyal / Ellu Thogayal | Til Chutney | Chutney Recipes | Side dish for Idly/Dosa

When I was posting my Ellu Sadam/Sesame rice recipe, I promised to post the chutney too. As mentioned earlier in that post, my friend Angavai suggested this recipe, since it is rich in calcium. It is very good for toddlers who hate milk products. This is a very simple chutney which involves just roasting and grinding all the listed ingredients. It goes very well with Idly/Dosa, Lemon rice and Coconut rice. Without much delay let us move on to the preparation steps:
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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Nethili Meen Varuval Recipe | Nethili/Netholi/Anchovies Fry | Anchovies fry coated with Onion Tomato Masala

Today I am going to share one of my personal favourite fish fry recipe which gives me some good memories about my mom. I tried this recipe during my initial cooking trails and it came out very well in my first attempt and mom liked it very much. She was praising me so much and she asked the recipe since it is new to her. After that, I have tried it two or three times and Jany also likes it. Check out my Achovies Mango Curry (Nethili Meen Manga Curry) too. Let's move on to the recipe:
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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Cabbage Chutney Recipe | Side dish for Idly/Dosa | Vegetable Chutney

Initially, after coming to Sydney I never tried to prepare Idli/Dosa batter thinking I will not get the perfect batter in a mixie since I don't own a grinder here. However, later I started making dosa and once when I was down with cold/fever, I was craving for Idli. So, I just gave a try to make a batch of Idli batter in a mixie. To my surprise, it was super soft. I will be posting the version of Idli/Dosa batter in Mixie soon. You can check out my Idli/Dosa batter which I posted earlier. Also, I wanted to create a collection of chutney recipes in this space for everyone to have a look.  Until I do that, check out the other chutney recipes here. Today's post is a chutney recipe to add this list and it is a healthy vegetable chutney.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Wheat Rava Upma Recipe | Broken(Cracked) Wheat Rava Upma | Dalia /Godhumai Rava Upma

After I started to cook, Jany has tried all the dishes I made except the Upma variety. He never likes upma and after so much struggle, I made him try semiya upma and he is OK with that if I present it with mixed vegetables. However, he doesn't even want to try the Plain Rava Upma which I posted already and this wheat upma. On the other hand, Happy and I love upma to the core. When dad is at home we make wheat upma as dinner for him. We both join him and relish the upma. This is a very simple and easy to make upma with very few ingredients. Off to the detailed preparation steps:
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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Egg Curry with Coconut Recipe | Coconut based Egg Gravy | Side dish for tiffin | Side dish for Appam and Idiyappam

We are having a good quality family time this weekend since it is pouring continuously outside. We don't feel like going out in the rain and hence entertaining us with movies, games and lots of food. Happy wanted me to make cupcakes and this morning I made some chocolate cupcakes along with her. She was very much interested in mixing the batter and scooping it into the cupcake liners. As I type this post, she is busy eating the cupcakes watching her favourite cartoon Peppa Pig on TV.   Let's move on to today's recipe, Egg curry with coconut. This is very simple and it goes very well with Appam, Idiyappam, Chapathi and Idli/dosa. If you don't prefer coconut then check out this recipe Egg thokku.(without coconut)

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Friday, June 03, 2016

Pudalangai Paruppu Kootu Recipe | Snake Gourd Dal Kootu | Pudalangai Kootu

I have not posted much poriyal or kootu recipes on the blog, though I make sure to cook at least one vegetable a day. I usually make very simple and easy to make poriyal that mom had taught me. I have to explore much more with the veggies in the near future. Today's post is about snake gourd kootu and it is again one of my mom's recipe. I usually don't expect any gravy whenever mom cooks this kootu. I enjoy it by mixing the kootu directly with the steamed rice and drizzling few drops of ghee. It tastes yum when served hot and let's see the recipe:
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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Mutton Biryani - Thalapakatti Style Recipe | Dindigul Thalapakatti Style Mutton Biryani | My 250th Post

Hello everyone, what you are reading right now is my 250th blog post. This blog was started on June 18th, 2013 with my very first post Puppy Face Eggless Cookies. Over the past 3 years with my full time IT job(currently not working) and a toddler in the home , I somehow managed to reach this level with 250 posts. Though at times I take a long break, I never want to leave this space because it is creating a new Identity for me and giving so much inner peace. These 3 years has taught me so many new things in cooking and many things have changed in my personal life too. Some of you have been reading since beginning and I am grateful. I really thank all my followers who try the recipes I post and especially people who take extra effort in sharing with me the picture of the tried dishes. Your likes and comments in my social media really motivate me. Please continue the same support. 

I thought that I would celebrate this milestone with a post about one of my favorite recipe. I am very much fond of Thalapakatti mutton Biryani and I have tasted it many times when I was in Chennai. I have read lot about this biryani in magazines and websites. I went quite a few times to taste the biryani just to identify the uniqueness of the biryani. These are my observations: It is made of Jeeraga Samba rice and not with our normal basmati rice. It doesn't have tomato in it and the spiciness mainly comes from the green chilli. Also, I think turmeric powder was not used. (Not sure). My mom has saved so many cooking related paper cuttings from magazines which I found it a year back. This recipe is from one of the magazine paper cuttings and it turned out super good when I tried it. I am not sure weather this is the real recipe but it is closely related to that. Here, we go to the preparation steps.
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Homemade Butter Recipe - How to make butter at home | Homemade butter from Milk Malai(Paal Aadai)

As I have mentioned in my Homemade Ghee post, my mom collected and brought me the entire malai used for the preparation of this homemade butter. I have not captured the step-by-step pics properly, still I am sharing it as my mom's remembrance. The malai she brought was very thick since the milk used for collecting malai was not store bought. It was from our neighbor who is giving us milk from her own cow on a daily basis in my native. However, the store bought packet milk can also be used for making malai, but boil the milk for few more minutes by simmering to get thick malai. 

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