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Onion Uthappam Recipe | Onion Uttapam | Oothappam | Easy South Indian breakfast Recipe

My taste for food has completely changed over years. When I was a kid, I like very thin crispy dosa and never bothered to try thick dosa/uttapam. Later I realized the taste of this onion uttapam and started trying it whenever I visit Sangeetha or Saravana Bhavan. Nowadays, I started to make it at home once in a while and Jany too doesn't have any complaints. A few weeks back, Jany's friend was staying with us on a Sunday and he is a vegetarian. So, I made this onion uttapam for breakfast and accompanied it with Tiffin Sambhar and Tomato Chutney. We all liked it and I managed to capture the pictures for sharing the recipe here. Check out my Idli/Dosa batter preparation too. 
Idli/Dosa batter - 1 bowl (as required)
Big Onion - 1
Shallots(small onion) - 8(Optional) 
Carrot - 1(grated) 
Coriander leaves - 1/2 Cup(chopped) 
Green Chilli - 3(chopped finely) 
Ginger - 1 tbsp(chopped finely) 
Oil/Ghee - as required(to drizzle) 
1. Chop the onions, shallots, ginger, green chilli and coriander leaves finely. Grate the carrot and mix it all together. Meanwhile, get ready with the dosa batter.  Heat the dosa pan and grease it a little with oil/ghee. Pour a ladle full of batter and spread a little(you can skip spreading too). Do not spread it like our normal dosa because the uttapam should be thick. Cook it in medium flame. Few small holes will be forming on the dosa as shown below.
2. Sprinkle the onion mixture generously on top of the dosa. Drizzle oil/ghee and when the bottom turns golden brown, flip to cook the other side. Cook the other side for a couple of minutes.
Serve the warm onion uthappam with Sambhar and any chutney of your choice. I served it with Tiffin Sambhar and Tomato Chutney.
Points to remember:
  • I have heard that people use final dosa batter to make uttapam or kuzhi paniyaram. But I prefer to use fresh or a day old batter for getting spongy and fluffy uthappam. Also, make sure not to dilute the batter like we do for normal dosa. The batter should not be over mixed and it should be fluffy to get holes in the uthappam.
  • You can skip green chilli and instead you can sprinkle one or two pinches of Idli podi for the spiciness.
  • You can skip small onion if you don't prefer. But it gives nice flavour and taste to the uthappam.
  • I suggest you to add gingelly oil instead of ghee while making uthappams.
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya

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