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Homemade Ghee | How to make Homemade Ghee from Homemade Butter | Desi Ghee Recipe

Nothing can beat the homemade stuff. I made this ghee around 1.5 years back when my Mom was with me. She collected the milk malai on a daily basis and stored it in the fridge for a month. Later she brought it to Chennai and I tried this homemade ghee and homemade butter. Happy tasted this aromatic and flavorful ghee for the first time when she was one year old. Mom was super excited about the outcome of the ghee. It was lying in my draft for such a long time now. Though the pics were not quite impressive, I don't want to miss posting this on my blog. The pictures give me so many memories of my mom and the image right below has my mom's finger shadows which I don't want to crop. Let's go to the preparation steps:
Homemade Butter / Butter - 500 gms
Curry Leaves - few(can be replaced with Rock salt/Drumstick leaves)
Note: You can make the ghee from store brought butter
1. Take butter in a heavy bottomed pan and heat it up on a medium heat. Now the butter will melt and starts to foam. Keep stirring it in medium flame to avoid it from burning. 
2. Once the butter melts, allow it to boil. The quantity starts reducing and the milk solids start settling at the bottom. Within few minutes, the yellow colour ghee turns to a light brown colour ghee. Add the curry leaves for extra flavour and it makes the residues settle down.
3. Filter the ghee to remove the residues. Store it in a container. Hope you can see the residues at the bottom in the below picture.
Homemade ghee is ready to be served. The looks brown in colour soon after making(1st pic) and it turns yellow after cooling.(Pic below)
Points to remember:
  • Do the whole process in low or medium heat to avoid it from burning.
  • Bring the butter to room temperature and then start preparing the ghee.
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Happy's Cook - Divya

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  1. Its true nothing can beat home made stuff. Have tried just once but the addition of curry leaves is new to me.
    I am very much tempting to try this. Thanks for sharing dear.


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