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Monday, December 05, 2016

Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambu Recipe | Chettinad Chicken Gravy | Chettinad Kozhi Curry

I always make mom's Varutharacha Chicken Curry or Chicken Kuruma if I am planning for Chicken Curry since I am very much comfortable with those recipes. Recently, I started exploring Chettinad recipes and they are really awesome. Though the ingredients list seems to be a bit lengthy, it is worth giving a try. I have already posted the following Chettinad Non-Veg recipes:

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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Egg Podimas Recipe | Muttai Podimas | Egg Poriyal | Scrambled Egg | Egg Stir Fry

Egg Podimas is one of the easy to make poriyal for rice which we can make in a jiffy. Whenever I ran out of vegetables, I make this egg podimas to accompany rasam rice. Sometimes I pair the egg podimas with Channa Masala and rice, which is a yum combo as well. Please check out my other Egg recipes mentioned below:

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Chicken Ghee Roast Recipe | Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast | Chicken Roast with Ghee

I will be sharing more non-veg recipes in the coming days since Christmas is nearing. I have already clicked few chicken recipes to post it here and one among them is Chicken Ghee Roast. My friend Angavai shared a video of this on FB a few days back and it tempted me a lot. When I googled about the dish, I came to know that it is an iconic dish of Mangalore. I was introduced to Mangalorean Cusine through Chef Venkatesh Bhat's show and I really love it. I adapted the recipe from here and it turned out super awesome. The Chicken Ghee Roast has a fiery red colour and I couldn't reach that colour since I reduced the quantity of dry red chilli to match our spice tolerance level. However, I have mentioned the exact recipe here and do give it a try:
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Quail Fry Recipe | Kaadai Fry | Kaadai Varuval | Deep Fried Kaadai Fry

When we were in Chennai, my dad prefers to buy Quail instead of Chicken considering its health benefits. Quail is little skinny when compared to the chicken and it has less flesh. Though I make Kadai gravy at times, this fry recipe is our favourite. If we marinate it the day before and refrigerate it overnight, then in no time we can fry it the next day. It cooks very fast and we can relish this yummy kaadai fry as a starter. Let us move on to the recipe:

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sura Puttu Recipe | Shark Fish Scramble | Shredded Shark Fish Stir Fry | Fish Puttu(Shark Fish)

This post was there in my drafts for more than a year now. When I was trying to post all the non veg recipes that I have in hand before Christmas, this is finding its place here. (still, have four to five very old recipes in draft 😅). I have tasted this Sura Puttu in my friend's place and in restaurants. I was very much interested to try it at home and before leaving to Sydney, I got this fish from Supreme Seafood and tried it. It came out very well and it is very easy to make. Off to the recipe:
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Chicken Shami Kebab Recipe | Shami Kebab with Chicken | Chicken Recipes

I received good response from the readers when I posted Hara Bhara Kebab and the very next weekend, I tried this non-veg kebab. I was really happy with the outcome and wanted to try more kebabs in the future. Shami kebabs are a popular snack throughout Pakistan, Bangladesh and north India. It is normally made using minced mutton, lamb or beef meat and to post it here I tried with chicken. It is a little similar to our Chicken cutlets, however, the texture is completely different. The chicken kebabs are very smooth and have melt in the mouth texture. Let us move on to the recipe:
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Friday, November 25, 2016

Mint Oreo Icecream Recipe | Eggless Mint Icecream(without Icecream Maker) | Summer Special Recipes

This week we celebrated Jany's birthday and I made a special non-veg lunch platter, which includes some of his favourite dishes. I am planning to start a lunch menu series soon and I will be posting the birthday lunch as a part of that. Apart from the lunch, I made few snacks and the birthday cake. He loves mint flavour and hence I made a Marble Cake with Mint butter cream frosting and finally, covered it with chocolate Ganache.  The cake came out really well and he was surprised with the mint flavour. Immediately, he was asking me to make mint ice cream. I had some leftover cream and mint extract. So the next day, I made this easy and creamy ice cream. I am not a fan of the mint flavour and hence I have not tasted it. However, Jany liked it a lot and I am here with the recipe. I adapted the recipe from here and modified it based on my choices. Do check out my Mango Icecream, Mango Popsicle and Rosemilk Popsicle too. Let's see the preparation:
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