Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Coconut Ladoo Recipe | Coconut Ladoo with Condensed Milk | Diwali Special Recipe

If you are looking for some simple and easy sweet recipe for this Diwali, then this ladoo is a perfect choice. You can make it in bulk as it is not time-consuming. For the mentioned quantity in the recipe, it just took me 15 mins to make and I got around 16 ladoos. Even the beginner in cooking will not fail with this recipe as it does not involve any consistency checking. Yesterday, after sending Happy to school, I made this ladoo and clicked it. When Jany came for lunch, I gave him one ladoo and he liked it very much. He took the remaining ladoos to his office friends and they too loved it. Do check out my Diwali sweets and snacks collection for more exciting Ladoos and sweets. Off to the recipe: 
Desiccated Coconut - 2 Cups + 1/4 Cup for rolling
Condensed Milk - 3/4th of 400 gms tin
Saffron - a generous pinch 
Ghee - To grease
1. Soak the saffron in warm water for a few minutes. Reserve 1/4 Cup desiccated coconut for rolling the ladoos at the end. In a pan, add the dedicated coconut and roast for 2 minutes. Then add the condensed milk. 
2. Along with this add the saffron water and mix it all together. Cook it on low flame for about 5 minutes until everything gathers together and form a whole mass.
3. Switch off the flame and transfer it to a bowl. Allow it to cool for a minute and start making balls by applying little ghee on hand. Then roll it over some desiccated coconut.
The ladoos can be served immediately. I served it in mini muffin liners. It stays well in the fridge for a week. 
Points to remember:
  • I used desiccated coconut for making this ladoo. You can use fresh coconut too and if you are using fresh coconut, dry roast it until there is no moisture content. Also, make sure not to roast until the coconut turns brown.
  • You can replace condensed milk with 1.5 Cups of milk and 3/4 cup of sugar. After roasting the coconut, add the milk and sugar. Cook until the milk thickens and forms a whole mass.
  • Using condensed milk reduces the cooking time and gives the rich taste.
  • You can replace saffron with cardamom powder, rose essence or any other flavours of your choice. 
Warm Regards,
Happy's Cook - Divya

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